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I love my classes with Henry, we talk a lot about movies and it makes me very comfortable to talk about anything. He's very outgoing, patient and up to date, which is great for talking about current slang and terms.

L.C., Brazil

Henry is an amazing teacher, you can talk about everything with him. His style is encouraging you to express yourself and using chat to help you learn. Even if we just chat, I still can learn lots of knowledge. He is kind and fun, the classes with him are always full of laughing.

Olga, Hong Kong

Henry is a really responsible and professional tutor, I greatly developed my confidence when talking with him.

M.M, Japan

Student from Spain

The session with Jenny has been fantastic, we have talked freely, her advice has been useful to me and she has made the class very comfortable and enjoyable

Student from Italy

Jenny is a great teacher and we have a lot in common. We had a great conversation and time flew by!

Student from Spain

Jenny is so funny you can feel confident in a few minutes. She understands perfectly what's your english level and acts consequently. Thanks a lot!
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